Harald the Viking is here!


I’m so happy this little guy has been finished, tested and published in super quick time. Also, kind of adorable…

I moved to Norway in 2017 and in every corner of the country there are Norwegian flags, trolls and – yes, you guessed it – Vikings. So I took a lot of pleasure designing this little fella.

For the design I made him in earthy, tweedy tones of grey and brown to get that rustic Viking charm. But I love the ginger beard and hair! It just reminds me of Tormund Giantsbane (a little reference there for all the Game of Thrones fans). But he could just as easily be a Scottish Highlander if he only had a different hat.

And this is what I love about this particular pattern, it’s so easily customisable! You can chage up the clothes colours, you can change up the hair… but when I started decorating the shield my brain almost burst with ideas! Your only limit is your imagination and embroidery skills!

There are also a lot of the little details. I sometimes think it’s the small, simple details, that just really make an amigurumi. Here he has that puff stitch and horn detailing on his helmet, but also down to the rope tie belt, the tie-front shirt. It all just adds to the overall look.

If you want to know more about how to purchase a PDF download pattern for a small fee, visit our store page HERE.