Dr Minn Erva


I’ll admit it, this pattern is a bit of a personal indulgence. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a scientist-turned-assassin or if it’s the bad girl vibe, or even just that Gemma Chan played her in the movie- but Dr. Minn Erva is my own personal fan favourite. As soon as I saw the Captain Marvel movie, I knew I had to try and make her.

If you’ve seen my Captain Marvel pattern, you’ll notice the similarities in how the figure is built. I wanted to design something that could really be enjoyed by geeks, young or old. So this one is 17sm tall and has some secret construction work going on under that uniform.

First off, the head works on a crochet ball joint. The body is worked up in one piece with a ball piece at the top, and the head has an internal ‘socket’ to sit on top of the body.

This means her head can move around left to right, but also a
little up and down. All entirely made of crochet! No need for
plastic parts or complex

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, it’s really not. And the design takes you through it step by step with plenty of pictures.

To give her a little extra movement, instructions are also included for wiring the arms (pipe cleaners will do just as well).

This means you can really play around with superhero poses. Or just have her give a simple
high 5!

Take a look at the snaps below for some more poses and angles. You really can have a LOT of fun!

I really hope you all love this pattern as much as I loved designing it! Any questions, feel free to comment.

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