All About The Gnomes…


To celebrate the release of my first ever wearable pattern, the Knit-look Nordic Gnomes slouchy beanie, I thought I’d rustle up a free pattern. If you want to skip the side chat and head straight to the pattern, just click HERE. Otherwise, read on for a bit more background on the pattern and yarn choice.

For those who don’t know me, I’m originally from Scotland and moved to Norway in 2018. Both are countries with such rich cultural traditions and identities, so there’s a lot of inspiration to go round!

Whilst he looks a little like a garden gnome, he’s actually a nisse – which is more akin to a Christmas elf. And every house is stuffed full of them here come December. Every shape, every size, every colour… EVERYWHERE! And, yeah, maybe they are meant to be for Christmas, but I’m always ready for a little Christmas spirit!

The pattern is super simple – purely single crochet stitches, with a few increases, decreases and a little back loop work. So I think it’s straight forward for a beginner as it doesn’t require much stitch knowledge.

I stuck to aran weight yarn with a fairly small hook size (3.5mm). This creates a bit of a tighter stitch to keep the stuffing where it’s supposed to be, but I also think it helps keeps that smooth surface texture on spherical shapes. I used Drops Paris cotton yarn in black, grey, dark red and beige as it’s really inexpensive and always available at my local store. I also think the cotton yarn gives a smoother, slightly shiny?, texture although I’m not sure the photos always pick this up.

Button nose and full bushy beard on display.

The aran weight yarn does mean that he is a whopping 28cm tall with that pointy hat. I’m used to making smaller figures, so it’s been fun to make something larger and more of a decor piece.

Full disclosure – in between making the parts and stitching it together, one of our cats (we have a few…) decided to use my crochet kit as a day bed. So if the photos look a little extra ‘fluffy’ it’s because it was just too comfy to say no to. 🙂

Here’s that link to the pattern one more time, click HERE, and as always leave a comment if you like! Always happy to take questions or get feedback.

And if Scandinavian inspired crochet is your kind of style then keep an eye out for the slouchy beanie coming this week. There are previews on instagram (@ninja_cat_crafts) if you want to take a look.