Big Hero 6’s Baymax has landed!


A new free pattern is now available on the blog. 🙂

After spending the last (what seems like forever) being locked solidly into admin and editing, I finally found some spare time on Sunday. After a little crowd-sourcing on Instagram for inspiration, Baby Baymax was born!

He’s chubby, he’s cuddly and he’s definitely cute. He’s also really easy to make! So if you’re fairly new to crochet then he is composed entirely of single crochet stitches. So if you can increase and decrease, then that’s about all you need.

He’s really easy on the materials too: all you need is white yarn, a scrap of black yarn and a couple of safety eyes.

I’m not a bid fan of having to sew pieces together, mainly because I’m terrible at it! Things always end up squint or the seam is super obvious. But here his legs, body and head are all one piece. No seaming required. It’s just the arms that need stitched into position.

You can see the full step by step pattern by clicking HERE.

As always, if you like what you see, please feel free to leave a comment. Same goes for any questions too, always happy to have the feedback!

We’ve launched quite a few free patterns already in 2020. So if you’re looking for a no fee way to distract yourself during lockdown, then take a browse of our free patterns section and see if anything catches your eye.