Pokémon Party!


Not just one free pattern to announce today. Not even two, but THREE free patterns. I hope you folks like Pokémon!

So here they are, your starting trio : Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle!

They’re all little chubby balls of Pokémon cuteness, measuring around 16cm tall. If you’re fairly new to crochet then they are composed entirely of single crochet stitches. So if you can increase and decrease, then that’s about all you need. They are also really quick to work up, so make ideal last minute gift or a Netflix-and-sofa-crochet project.

Each one is made using aran weight cotton yarn with a 3.5mm hook, to give those tight stitches. But you can obviously change up the yarn weight as long as you change the hook size accordingly.

The body is worked from the bottom up and is all one piece with the head. So there’s no awkward sewing the head on after and trying to get it straight.

I had really wanted to create Bulbasaur as well to complete the potential starters from the game but I have run out of the right yarn colour, and I’m not sure I could justify the trip to the yarn store under Corona conditions. But I hope to come back and complete the set at a later date!

That’s enough talk from me, here are your pattern links:

Click HERE for the free Pikachu pattern

Click HERE for the free Squirtle pattern

Click HERE for the free Charmander pattern

I really enjoyed designing these little guys, so if there are other Pokémon you would like to see, please feel free to leave a comment.

We’ve launched quite a few free patterns already in 2020. So if you’re looking for a no fee way to distract yourself during lockdown, then take a browse of our free patterns section and see if anything catches your eye.

Stay safe out there, and happy crocheting!