Announcing : The Last of Us Collection


Hi everyone!

Back from the Summer holidays and back at the crochet desk. Another big pattern announcement today. The Last of Us collection is now available to purchase in our Ravelry store! For those who are big fans of the game, and potentially emotionally traumatized by the recent release of Part II, you can now create your two favourite post-apocalyptic survivors.

There are two matching designs:

  • Ellie
  • Joel

Each one has been listed separately to buy as an individual pattern, but for anyone that wants to purchase them both they have also been listed in our Ravelry store as an eBook at a discounted price. Consider it an lockdown treat to yourself!

Both are designed to be able to hold their own weight and stand up by themselves. The arms are hollow so there is also the option to insert hobby wire or pipe-cleaners to make them poseable.

You can see more pictures of each piece and more details on the pattern requirements on The Last of Us page on the blog (click HERE) or in our Ravelry store (click HERE).

As always, if you like what you see, please feel free to leave a comment. We’ve published a number of gamer patterns this year, everything from The Witcher and Legend of Zelda to our free Pokémon patterns. Are there any other game inspired characters you’d like to see?

Have a great week folks!