How about a trip to the Other World?


Another week, another new pattern release!

This one is based on the character Coraline Jones from the dark fantasy animated movie Coraline. I don’t know if there are any Neil Gaiman fans out there, but when I discovered he wrote the novella the movie is based on, all those dark undertones finally made sense! It really is a fun, quirky kids classic that certainly hits home – the grass is not always greener on the other side!

The pattern details how to make her wellington boots and matching rain coat, that is fully removable. It’s a little hard for the camera to pick up, but her top is also striped red and pink which really contrasts with her iconic blue hair.

There are a few other little details too, like her dragonfly hairpin.

She is designed to stand up unaided and support her own weight. The arms in the doll are hollow so there is also the option to insert hobby wire or pipe-cleaners to make them poseable.

You can see more pictures of Coraline and more details on the pattern requirements on the Coraline page on the blog (click HERE) or in our Ravelry store (click HERE).

We have a few more patterns out for pattern testing right now, all Marvel inspired. So if you are a superhero fan then keep a lookout for our upcoming Dr Strange, Black Widow and Venom dolls. We are also trying to sneak in some Christmas in July action (currently scheduled for the last week of the month) where we’ll be releasing some new Christmas patterns – including a few free designs!

As always, if you like what you see, please feel free to leave a comment. Same goes for any questions too, always happy to have the feedback!