Gamer Freebies


2020 has been such a tough year – there doesn’t seem to be a corner of the globe that isn’t affected by the pandemic. And in all the chaos it’s been hard to keep up spirits and keep in touch with good friends when everyone is in lockdown!

Lately we’ve been playing a few multi-player video games online as a way to just unwind and have a laugh with friends over Discord. The more ridiculous, the better!

So this week we’ve released a couple of free crochet patterns based on our two favourite games right now – Among Us and Fall Guys. If you’re a fan of the games, then I really hope you like these patterns! Both are super quick to make and, because of the variety of character costumes, they are great stash busters for whatever colours you have to hand.


If you haven’t played Among Us, I would really recommend it – it’s a multi-player game for groups of 10, and it’s a great laugh. In your group of 10, 2 are secret imposters running around killing the crew trying not to get found out.

So here is our pattern for a regular Crewmate (alive and kicking) and a dead body (imposter fodder)…

The pattern is worked up in aran weight yarn (I used Drops Paris) and it’s just single crochet increases and decreases, with a small amount of back loops work. Great for a quick project.

You can find the pattern by clicking the link HERE.


S0 what can I say about Fall Guys? These little fellas, and the game, are just outright ridiculous! It’s definitely a game that is more about luck than skill – but you can always laugh your way through.:-)

If your a Fall Guys fan and are wondering how you will ever get that crown, well, now you can just make one instead.

This one again has been written using aran weight yarn (yup, you guessed it, Drops Paris) and it’s construction is quite similar – two legs joined to form one round that creates the basis for the body.

And again, it’s almost entirely single crochet stitches (with a few double crochets for the separate crown).

You can find the pattern by clicking the link HERE.

I hope these patterns can bring a smile to a few faces during such a tough time!

As always, if you like what you see, please feel free to leave a comment. Are there any other games out there you’d like to see recreated in yarn? Are you fans of Fall Guys and AMong Us?

And, as always, any questions just let us know! Always happy to have the feedback!