Zelda Triforce Dice Bag


Here’s my pattern for a Zelda inspired drawstring bag. Use it for dice, use it as a gift bag, use it to keep your crochet bits in – it’s entirely up to you!

I wanted to create a really simple example of tapestry crochet, that still looked worth its weight in rupees. The pattern works using BLO (back loops only) single crochet stitches for the main body. By working into the back loops it anchors the stitches one directly on top of the other. This means that the pattern lines up nice and neat, without it pulling to one side. Perfect for geometric shapes like this!

The pattern also uses only two colours. So it’s quite straight forward to carry the yarn not in use in behind the stitches. As the inside won’t really be visible it is possible to work this pattern fair isle style and just drop the non-working yarn, but I wouldn’t recommend it for one main reason- as their are only two colours, and the pattern is central, it means there are long sections where yellow is not in use. That’s going to leave long stretches of hanging threads (darts) that can get caught up with the contents of your bag. So, if you’re not carrying the yarn around, then maybe pick up the non-working yarn every few stitches just to secure it in place out of the way.


  • Sports weight yarn (yellow and green)
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Stitch markers and pins
  • Yarn needle

Stitch Abbreviations:

Ch = Chain
sc = Single crochet
dc = Double crochet
hdc = Half double crochet crochet
Slip st = Slip stitch
invdec = Invisible decrease
sc2tog = Single crochet decrease
** = a repeating stitch pattern


The bag measures approx. 13 cm tall and is designed to fit over 20 dice.

Pattern Notes:

Stitches are written in standard US terms. The main bag is written as rows worked in the round with a slip stitch to join – this is to create the level join when moving into the drawstring rounds.

Let’s Get Started!


Using green yarn, working in rows in the round.
NB. Slip stitch to join and chain 1 at the end of each round.

Rnd 1 : Stitch 9hdc into a magic ring. (9)
Rnd 2 : 2hdc in each stitch around. (18)
Rnd 3 : *hdc, 2hdc* Repeat 9 times. (27)
Rnd 4 : *hdc in next 2 stitches, 2hdc* Repeat 9 times. (36)
Rnd 5 : *hdc in next 3 stitches, 2hdc* Repeat 9 times. (45)
Do not fasten off

Rnds 1-5


For the body of the bag, it’s important to work from the outside inwards. This means that the right side of the pattern will face outwards, and any dropped or carried yarn will remain on the INSIDE of the bag.

Rnd 6 : sc BLO in each stitch around (45)

Rnd 6 : Back loops only

From now on, all stitches will be single crochet stitches worked BLO, according to the pattern chart below:

Each square on the chart represents one stitch. Starting from the bottom right corner, work the next 14 rounds according to the colour given on the chart. For example, the first two rounds are green from start to finish. On the third round, work the first 14 in green, the next 17 in yellow, and then the last 14 in green again.

Rnd 7 – 20 : sc BLO in each stitch around as in chart (45)

Outer view of chart rows

Inside view of chart rows with carried yarn when not in use

Returning to working through both loops:

Rnd 21 : dc in each stitch around (45)
Rnd 22 : sc in each stitch around. Fasten off. (45)

The gaps between the dc stitches will be used later to thread the drawstring through to allow the bag to open and close.


Using yellow yarn, tightly ch stitch 70 stitches. Fasten off.

With a yarn needle weave the length of chain stitches in and out of the dc stitches in Rnd 21.

Once weaved around the bag, tie the two ends together to join into a circle. Weave the yarn ends through the chain stitches to secure them and tidy them away.

All that’s left is to fill it up!

I hope you have enjoyed this pattern. You can find more nerd inspired patterns across the blog, so take a look. Let me know what you think in the comments. 🙂

©2019 Ninja Cat Crafts. This pattern is the property of Ninja Cat Crafts. The written pattern and images are for personal use only and not for sale or redistribution. Items made based on this pattern may be sold, but with clear credit to Ninja Cat Crafts,

4 replies to Zelda Triforce Dice Bag
  1. Thanks for this pattern! This was the first time I learned how to switch colours and I’m glad it all worked out. Very easy to follow!


  2. I’m a little confused, how doyou double crochet around with 45 stitches, and the single crochet around for 36stitches, is it supposed to be 45 or are you supposed to skip a spot or two? Sorry if you said that somewhere and I just looked over it.


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