Hello, 2021!

So it’s finally here, the start of 2021 after a year that seemed like it would never end. Wherever you are, I hope you managed to find some positives in amongst the pandemic and that you had a happy, healthy, joyful Christmas season!

22, SOUL

Here we had a fairly quiet festive season with just close family and a lot of cosy days indoors. This meant a lot of time to catch some feel good movies, including the new release from Pixar – Soul. After watching (and crying) our way through, there was no way that the opportunity to crochet a super sassy ’22’ could be missed!

So to kick off the new year right, you can now view the FREE pattern to create your own 22 so she can find her spark! Just click HERE.

The pattern is worked up in aran weight yarn (Drops Paris in the photos) and it’s just single crochet increases and decreases. Great for a quick project.

To get the fluffy, ethereal texture, the pattern uses a pet hair slicker – the wide tooth kind for long hair cats and dogs. If you use a brush for short hair pets it just tears away the yarn into chunks, but a wide metal brush or comb releases just enough of the surface fibres to give it a little fluffing.


The New Year always gives an opportunity to look back at the year that has been and gone- and just how much has changed. Whilst it’s been a tough year, the time spent in lockdown meant a really productive year here at Ninja Cat Crafts – releasing more patterns than we could have ever anticipated! And in doing so, we didn’t just increase our design portfolio, we gained so many new followers and friends along the way. Our Instagram, for example, grew from just a few hundred to over 2k! Which is just wild!

So to everyone taking the time to read this, THANK YOU! You’ve been a real positive in such a crazy year. So below is our #TopNine2020 from Instagram – our nine most liked posts. They are almost all freebie patterns, but we are super proud of them all.

So as we start the New Year, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to see. Are you desperately looking for an amigurumi pattern that just doesn’t seem to exist yet? Or is there something you’d like to see in our style? Just let us know. You never know what 2021 may bring! 🙂

And, as always, any questions just let us know! Always happy to have the feedback!